A voyage to the "Land of Cities”

Продолжительность: 5 days / 4 nights

The "Land of Cities" is a name given to an area in the south of Chelyabinsk Region where mysterious civilization existed 4 thousand years ago and which left behind 20 small "Fort-Cities" and many kurgans - burial sites (mounds).

Geografically the "Land of Cities" spreads in the area between Ural and Tobol rivers. It measures 400 kilometers north-to-south and about 150 kilometers east-to-west.

Alas, time is ruthless, the “Land of Cities" is hidden now to human eye under layers of later epochs. Only at dawn and sundown from a bird’s-eye-view one can see the outlines of the ancient cities’ fortification walls as old as 4 thousand years protruding from the ground….

Our programme invites to visit: 

- The Arkaim museum-reserve 

- The Kesene mausoleum (Tamerlan's tower)                                                                                                                                            - The "Naslednitskaya" cossack fortress

- Aerial excursion to the "Land of Cities"

Tour length:   5 Days/ 4 Nights

Tour programme can be changed at will.

The tour operates during the summer

Price negotiable.

More about the attractions included in the tour program.

The Kesene mausoleum

Better known as "Tamerlan's tower", it's a remarkable historical site, to say the least. It was built as long ago as the XIV century A.D. and is a well-preserved example of early muslim memorial architecture. This is the only landmark of this kind in the Chelyabinsk region.

The "Naslednitskaya" Fortress

The fortress was built in 1835 in purpose to defend Russian and Bashkir settlements from raids of nomadic tribes. It was named in honour of the heir to the throne (and later the Russian tsar), Alexander II, after his visit of the cossack settlements of the Urals.


A mysterious ancient fortified city of bronze age. According to archaeological data, it thrived somewhere between the second and third millenium B.C. Considered as part of 

the Arkaim - Sintashta archaeological culture, a peer to the pyramids of Gisa and ancient Babylon, this city is ancient compared to Rome and Troy.

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