Mysteries of the Ural Blue Mountains

Продолжительность: 5 days / 4 nights

The South Urals is an astonishing and mysterious land. Nature has generously gifted this land with vast forests, lakes, like shards of a shattered mirror, carpeted this land with feather grass steppes.

We suggest you to join our journey to discover the South Urals and start first with Ural Mountains, known to the whole world as one of the oldest mountains on the planet.

Our programme invites to visit: 

  • The Sugomak Cave                                                                                    
  • Sugomak Mountain                                                                            
  • The Turgoyak Lake
  • Ilmenskiy reserve
  • Taganai Natural park
  • Zyuratkul National park
  • Porogi Reserve

Tour Length:  5 Days / 4 Nights

Tour programme can be changed at will.

Tour dates are year-round.

Price negotiable.

More on the aforementioned natural landmarks below.

Sugomak Mountain

A stunning view opens from atop of this mountain.

Tens of kilometers of country can be seen from here.

The Sugomak Cave

This is the only cave in the territory of the Urals, naturally formed in a marble environment.

The Turgoyak lake

Often called "Baikal's younger brother", Turgoyak is truly a marvel of Chelyabinsk Region. Second cleanest lake of Russia and recognized monument of Nature.

Ilmensky mineralogical reserve

Known for its minerals, gems and picturesque scenery, this reserve is the first place ever where people found one of the rarest gemstone - star-pattern black corundum.

Taganai Natural park

The park visitors can see huge black ridges and fancy buttes, stone runs and astonishing stone river which flows for several kilometres.

Porogi Reserve

Porigi is unique site in Chelyabinsk region, where the only in the world hydroelectric power plant made completely out of naturally formed stone is located. Moreover, this is one of the oldest hydroelectric power plants in Russia.

Zyuratkul National park

It is an amazing and precious corner of wild country: untouched forests, home to moose and bear, trout mountain rivers and creeks, hight land meadows and alpine tundra.

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