"Welcome to Chelyabinsk!" Guest route

Продолжительность: 3 houres

 Hospitality has always been a prominent trait of the South Ural peoples. Primarily, it was determined by one's hospitable attitude and their sense of responsibility for the guest’s wellbeing. Nowadays Chelyabinsk carries on this great  tradition and is always sincerely glad and ready to accept guests, regardless of who they are and when they arrive.

We offer you a tour to see the “rugged” Chelyabinsk in a new light, both by bus and on foot.


Our trek starts at the foundation of the city and meets it's end at the heart of the modern Chelyabinsk - Revolution Square.

Tour Contents

  • Fateful moments in city history.
  • Old Chelyaba - the city of merchants, entrepreneurs, gold miners, public figures, trustees and patrons, oddities and knights of fortune.
  • An introduction to the traditions of Chelyabinsk hospitality.

Pleasant surprises

  • Meeting with the cheerful and lively old-Chelyabinsk bagel vendors, a strict and stern cossack, as well as a mysterious and sly bashkir. 
  • Chance to taste national drinks and dishes.
  • “Honoured Chelyabinsk Guest”  awarding ceremony.

Tours are done year-round.

Price negotiable.

Arrange Tour at - ural@aviaspectr.ru 

Contact numbers:  +7(351)240-04-46, +79226396596,  +79222378466